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culture in the city of Joao Pessoa

Pimenta Malagueta
Literally Malagueta Pepper, a NGO regarded as a public utility is here to publicise the achievements and cultural history of Paraiba. Maintain courses related to environmental education, tourism and ecology. Displays CDs of locals artists as Pedro Osmar, Metallurgical Felipéia and Kátia de França, among others.
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Arthur, Zé Guilherme, Fabiano, Tom and Fredi form a band that avoids the "french fries" offered by media trade and show us an incredible mixture of sounds and rhythms where they walk from Hermeto Paschoal to Pink Floyd without losing the essence of Northeast way. The staff uses instruments such as sandpaper, nail, and even a Bic pen which makes the guitar sound like a cello. Shall we heard it?


Paraíba do Forró
Jose Antonio Bandeira, known as Paraiba do Forró, is singer and multi-instrumentalist. You can find him often getting some money in the buses and on the beaches of the capital. He plays drums and "harp voice" along with his son Mazinho in the triangle. The harp voice, as he points out, was invented by himself with PVC pipes, "At first I tried to blow like a flute. But I fed up. So I adapted the instrument for my speech. It amplifies the sound of my mouth and sounds good". Listen to the song "Pirangueiro"...



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