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I do not intend, into this space, an electronic newspaper to the city. I have no structure to do that. The idea is a tribute to the city where I live, writing on its natural beauty, its people and its trends following a conceptual line from a simple citizen feeling his city.

So, welcome to the city of João Pessoa! capital of Paraíba State Province, Brazil.

We are the city at the most eastern point of american continent and certified by United Nations Organization as the 2nd. greenest city in the world.
As you see below, wherever you look at a world map is very simple to find us:

Carlos Roberto Leite Guedes 08/02/08
Global position -     Latitude: 7° 9' 28" S         Longitude: 34° 47' 30" W
Tide is gradually taking good chunk of the coast to small traders in Seixas Beach. In an informal chat with some owners, they claimed not to have ground to a retraction of the huts. Some owners have locked the doors, waiting for the implementation of the "island for the tourists," promised by the city government for 2010. Click on photo to see in 2008, Aug,5.
Through the Brazil-Spain Convention for the revival of Iberian culture, the houses of the Antenor Navarro Square were renovated in 1999 into housing bars, cafes and craft shops that survived until 2003. The program has slipped in some points, such as the multicolored houses that do not reflect local customs and follow standards already used in other ancient cities in Brazil. Currently the site hosts events proposed by the Municipal Government and NGO's who try to uplift the economy and the culture of district Varadouro with a policy aimed at the mass "guest", while neighborhood resident clearly stays off. The program failed to also integrate the human element location. Outside the events, anyone who ventures on their blocks by night will live scenes worthy of Alfred Hitchcock's films.
On the anniversary of 423 years, the city won the Science Station building, space intended to support culture. The work is a project of architect Oscar Niemeyer. (2008)


Graffiti is a form of expression which is used by artists to interfere in the urban space, to expressing themselves about the things around you, by honoring or reporting day-by-day statements. One way or another, the fact is that they turn the city more beautiful. There are graffitiers on the first line in our city, usually anonymous and forgotten by media as Shiko, Mumia and Gigabrow.

Global Position building on Seixas beach:
Latitude: 7 ° 9 '28 " south
Longitude: 34 ° 47 '30 " west

Latitude: -7.155163
Longitude: -34.792344

Area: 210.45 km2
Altitude: 37 m average
District: Tambaú created in 1961 includes the beaches of Cabo Branco, Tambaú and Manaíra.
Population: 675,000 (census 2007)
Population of the Great João Pessoa: 967,000 (including the adjacent towns of Bayeux, Santa Rita, Cabedelo and Count (census 2007)

Climate: tropical in view of the large green area in the heart of the city, with average annual temperature of 26 ° C. The rainy season lasts from May to July, with scattered showers in the month of January, called the summer rains. The relative humidity has an annual average of 80%, but between May and July rose to 87%.

Transport: João Pessoa has a fleet of buses younger Brazil. Since 2007 users have got the Terminal Integration Varadouro, which makes connections to anywhere in the city paying only one pass. In 2008 the city of Joao Pessoa encouraged the implementation of Temporal Integration where passengers can change buses at any stop point where the lines intersect integrated without having to go to Terminal Varadouro. After landing, user has at least 30 minutes to switch online without paying for another ticket. The bus fare was adjusted to R$ 1,90 in January/10.

There is, again, a movement to change the name of the city.

Century XIX - the division of social classes.



Once in a while intellectuals, artists and members of State Assembly have raised that flag. In 2007 the movement came back with full force led by councilman Eduardo Fuba. According to him, the citizens should choose the name of the city.

Despite having made a good administration, citizen João Pessoa de Albuquerque had no involvement with the city when he was specified (1928) by the uncle Epitácio Pessoa, then president of Brazil, to govern the Province of Paraíba.
(Source: O Norte, edition of 2007,11,03).

Supporters argue that "the name Joao Pessoa in no way characterizes the city..." - "...the death occurred because of interventor passionate affair and not involving the interest of the State..." - "... associate the name of the city to a geographic point as the Cabo Branco is of fundamental importance for the city, including growth of local tourism ...".

I am favourable to the plebiscite. Thus, I maintain a poll since 2003 with alternative names for the city, which should serve as a thermometer of motion content of this matter. If you imagine it interesting ... see the result in part the poll and vote! I'll appreciate the contribution.








































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